Our Process

A lot of people have asked for insight into the steps we take to get to our solutions and final product. Take a look below for an overview of each step.

But before we go into that, we wanted to answer one of the most commonly asked questions, right up front – How long does this take? 

Unfortunately, it all really depends, but in our experience a branding project averages around 3 months, packaging projects around 2 months, environmental projects around 4 to 6 months, and digital projects between 2 to 6 months depending on the complexity. You’ll see below that we lay out a clear timeline for deliverables in each project so we all know what to expect.

1. Response & Questionnaire

Once Coel receives your request, we’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get to know you and your brand a little better. This allows us to understand why you are coming to us for help and direct our initial conversations.

2. Consult

As part of our initial proposal process, we go through a brand consultation free of charge. This includes a 60 min call with you and your team to understand the answers from your questionnaire and to gain more insight into your project goals and what challenges your brand is facing. At the end of our consultation period, we put together a summary of our findings, including a look at your strengths and weaknesses, market position and competition. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we will deliver several considered recommendations.

3. Proposal

If our consultation and recommendations feel like they are on the right track, we will then present a formal proposal for review. It is at this point we dive deeper into the steps we take to work through solutions and deliver a final product to your team.

4. Contract

Even though legal jargon can be tough to read, sometimes we have to deal with it too. If you like what we’ve said in the proposal, you’ll receive a contract for signature. This will keep us all honest as we progress through the design process.

5. Welcome!

And now you’re in! You’re part of the family. We like to take this chance to deliver some fun welcome goodies and grant access into our project platform – your lifeline to Coel and all of the materials we will deliver.

6. Programming

We’ve done some preliminary research, but after a contract is signed we go even further to understand your brand, needs, and exactly what steps we need to take to help you overcome your challenges. It is also during this time we will lay out a timeline of checkpoints and presentations.

7. Schematic Design

This is the fun part of the process where we look at big, broad (and maybe scary) ideas. We’ll push the envelope and work to uncover exactly what solutions are the right ones. Sometimes, you haven’t even considered some of the things we’re trying to solve, and that’s not a bad thing!

This part of the process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks on average.

8. Design Development

A quieter phase of the project, but just as important. Once we have a direction to go on, we take time to evolve this into something that fits your brand and needs. While we have check ins, this part may seem like we have retreated into our office. That is just because we’re taking the time to really think through all of the implications of your brand.

This part of the process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks on average.

9. Technical Design

Now we’ve got designs, but they have to be implemented somehow. Whether it’s for packaging, a website, or a building, there are always technical considerations we work through to make sure your brand is as versatile as it needs to be. 

This part of the process averages 1 to 2 to complete based on range of deliverables. For built projects, this can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Depending on what projects we are completing for you, there can be multiple steps before final delivery, but this usually takes a few more weeks until all of the designs are in your hands and ready for use.

Well you made it this far. Let’s get started!

Shoot us an email or head over to our contact page and fill out the inquiry form.


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