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Swag to Save the Service Industry

We created Barwears while we were cooped up at home who want to help. Most of us are lucky we can continue to work from home. Our friends in the service industry don’t always have that luxury. This was our effort to help.

100% of the profits we generated were directly donated to Project Tip Your Server, spearheaded by the Downtown Alliance. We officially “closed up shop” in August of 2020 but we encourage you to reach out to any of the participating designers if you liked their apparel items.

We were also lucky enough to be featured on several media outlets including Travel and Leisure and Gastronomic SLC.


Barwears was created by Long Weekend (fka Coel Studio) and a few other designers from our SLC community to support the local restaurant & bar industry. We’re all in this to support our local hospitality industry, one we can’t wait to see reopen better than ever.


Every designer who has created products for Barwears has donated their time and talent to create something special to help our local hospitality industry. Next time you need design help, we hope you look to repay the favor.

Adobe SLC

Anchor and Alpine

Chop Shop

Hot Slice Design

Ian Dalton

Infinite Scale

Y Design

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