Salt Lake City, UT




30,000 sqft +


Branding, Signage

Salt Development

Hardware Apartments & Lofts

As the first phase of the Hardware Apartments were coming to completion, Long Weekend was asked to create a branding and signage package for potential implementation. The goal was to create a system that was impactful, yet sophisticated, and tied the multiple building types together under one “banner.”

As Long Weekend began the process of digging into the brand, we drew inspiration from the history already present on the site. A classic water tower, and the train depot history that occupancies the original Hardware building that still exists on the site. From there, we pushed into new elements that could modernize a historical concept.

An integrated brand

The more time we spent with the architectural package, the more we wanted the materiality of the building to help express the brand. We began using elements found in the architecture to help express the brand in new ways throughout the building’s spaces.

Finding your way around

The signage system made the strongest use of the metal rail idea, seen just next door with the railyards. Paired with elements mimicking the brand icon, it tied the building to its’s local environment in subtle ways that a resident would find natural to the space.

A spotlight over downtown

One of the standout features of the Hardware complex is the rooftop pool and expansive views of the city, especially downtown. We created a large historically driven sign to sit atop the building and create a backdrop for the pool, one that framed the city when sitting on the East side of the building.


    While the Hardware team ultimately chose a different brand direction, we enjoyed creating a bold concept that would have helped connect the past and present on a site helping revitalize a traditionally underdeveloped portion of downtown Salt Lake City.

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