Salt Lake City, UT




10,000 sqft +


Branding, Graphic Design, Collateral Signage

Cowboy Properties

Liberty Square Branding

Cowboy Properties asked Long Weekend to help brand one of their newest complexes in Utah, a townhome community directly across from Trolley Square.

As one of the few townhome rental option in Salt Lake City, it naturally positioned itself as a luxury option. Additionally, the location – close to downtown and literal steps away from food and grocery options – add to the allure of the complex.

Made up of studio and 2-bedroom floorplans, the complex has something to fit almost anyone’s needs. Private garage parking, outdoor terraces and a resident clubhouse add even more living space to create a truly great experience for their guests.

The Design Process

Long Weekend worked through several rounds of iteration to get to the final selected direction by the management team. While we knew that the brand wanted to be more modern and understated, many of the original iterations fixated to heavily on the idea of the square. Cowboy Properties wanted the “Liberty” brand to be more prominent as they planned on continuing its use in future projects. The hope was that the “Liberty” brand would become a beacon of quality in the Salt Lake City apartment community.

Expressing the Brand

Although not part of the initial branding process, we began to explore ways the brand could be expressed on printed collateral. Because takeaways are such a large part of the leasing process, we wanted the suite of materials to feel highly cohesive and on brand with the building it represented. And in the end, we took this brand and did several rough sketches of ways it could tie into the building – creating a bold hit on the side of the building where cars most frequently pass by.


    As always, we appreciate Cowboy’s trust in the process and are excited to see the branding come to life in the near future as residents begin to move in!

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