Salt Lake City, UT




~1,500 sqft


Interior Design, Furniture, Fabrication, Signage

Long Weekend Studio

The Studio

In 2020, Long Weekend moved out of our ~600 sqft office in the ArtSpace buildings to our new location down the road. When we got the keys it was a bare cinderblock box with a few holes, no running water, and some questionable electrical work.

With the help of the building owner, good friends, and a lot of our own elbow grease, we’ve since transformed the space into what it is today. The space where we transform ideas into reality, bang our head against the wall, and drink beer.


When we walked in, it was pretty barebones box of a building and everything had a nice layer of dust from the drywall ceiling install. With the only natural light coming from a north facing window and an east facing double glass door, it was a bit dark. First step was slapping a layer of white on everything to brighten up the space. Our office mate’s brother (hey Chad!) and his industrial paint sprayer made quick work of it.


    We went down to the ol big box lumber yard and picked up a few sheets of plywood and turned them into some desks and a few other custom pieces of furniture. A kitchenette from Ikea provides us with a place to wash our hands and make our coffee every morning. A couple of 6 gallon water jugs and some help from some van-lifer blogs got everything flowing.

      Swing on down!

      We thank all of our friends who helped us lug furniture and make this space a reality, it would have been a lot harder without their help! Feel free to swing by our garage, we have frosty beers waiting for you in our mini fridge.

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