Oxford, MI


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Visual Identity, Packaging Concepts

One Drop Brewing

Good to the last drop.

One Drop Brewing Co. approached Long Weekend in need of a visual identity for their new micro brewery opening in Oxford, Michigan. They had already been working tirelessly on their new brewery and taproom, which provided a jumping off point for the brand aesthetic.

They’re goal it to push the limits of traditional German Lagers and ales, creating a truly different type of beer for their local area. This brewing style, paired with the finest and freshest ingredients, has One Drop committed to providing the best beer drinking experience – one drop at a time.

The Design Process

One Drop’s brewhouse and taproom is a converted warehouse off the beaten path in small town Michigan. The unique Craftwerk® brewhouse and taproom was locally built in nearby Lake Orion. Behind the bar stands four massive serving tanks, piping only the freshest beer directly from the brewhouse into your glass. They have live music at least weekly and out back there’s a great patio and outdoor space, perfect for soaking up the rays. These were all elements that came to life in the developed brand for One Drop, so even if a crowler was purchased to go, their patrons would still feel like they were saddled up to their favorite bar.

Unique Challenges

Because the taproom was fully developed, the logo and wordmark needed to compliment the vibe of the space they had meticulously curated. We landed on a “rough around the edges” geometric circular design, creating a visual translation of the name. Perfectly concentric circles representing rippling water mirror the taproom’s elaborate and handcrafted stainless steel piping, while the hand drawn look gives it a human touch.


    The brewery has seen overwhelming support from the community despite opening in the midst of a pandemic. Cheers to many more beers!

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