Bountiful, UT




30,000 sqft +


Branding, Graphic Design, Signage

Nxt Property Management

Renaissance Place Branding

While Bountiful is just a short drive away from Salt Lake City, few people think “urban” as a descriptor, but Renaissance Towne Center is on a mission to change that.

They are creating a destination, with density more often associated with a large city. And one of the first buildings to to be completed will be the new Renaissance Place Apartments.

A small, 42 unit complex, the 5 story building will house retail on the floor level, have easy access to parking, and near 360 degree views of the mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

We were tasked to create a brand that spoke to the natural beauty of the area, while evoking the urban lifestyle being uniquely built here.

Refined Textures

After the first few rounds of design, it became apparent that the brand would be expressed more through textural patterns and less through distinct iconography. We explored everything from organic to highly rigid patterns, before ultimately honing in on several art-deco inspired patterns. In the end, we landed on a structural triangular pattern that was reminiscent of Antelope Island, and it’s reflection in the lake.

Branding in the Built Environment

Apartment complexes often have the unique challenge of expressing their brand in more limited locations. The units are, after all, a home for someone. The last thing they want to see is a large wall graphic or art piece. This usually results in leveraging signage to carry the brand into hallways and out on to side walks.


While we are waiting in anticipation of seeing our new brand on the completed building, we have to keep ourselves satisfied with the renderings and crisp branding in the mean time. Thank you to the Renaissance team and Nxt Property Management for trusting us to articulate such an upscale community.

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