Durango, CO


Fast Casual Restaurant


1,000 sqft


Environmental Design, Interior Design, Signage, Project Management


RGP’s Flame Grilled Wraps

We were asked to reenvision the interior of a sandwich shop in Durango, CO. Given a budget of $10,000, and a lot of nostalgia for the local biking community, we had to be creative with how and where we spent our budget. The update included a brand refresh to accompany the new interiors, which had to maintain the name and colors of the existing brand.

Beyond the budget, we also faced a construction challenge – we could not replace or change any of the existing interior materials beyond painting the drywall surfaces and the kitchen equipment needed to remain in the same location. The result was a focus on restaurant fixtures and elements that could be attached to surfaces to manipulate the space without major structural changes. Plus, we were able to create a kitchen prep area that was reorganized around the existing large equipment to create a space that eased congestion for the workers, and increased production for the shop.

Working the Angles

The fixtures were designed out of steel and plywood, created in ways that added layers to the space and depth to the interior experience. All of these elements were kept neutral to compliment the cyclist memorabilia that is hung around the shop. The angles seen in the built elements were designed to mimic the angles of RPG’s logo, tying everything together in a subconscious way. The largest piece that was designed and installed – a plywood slat archway – spans the checkout and juts into the seating area to create a more tactile environment.


Outside of the space we added signage so restaurant goers can more easily find the location, which is tucked into a back corner of a mall. The sign is a dual layer, pin mounted panel. Interior signage is simple cut vinyl applied to the drywall, a cost effective option for adding branded elements on our tight budget.

Connecting the Kitchen

The idea of a flamed grilled wrap is somewhat unique. And while the process takes place in front of the customer, the preparation area wasn’t much to see before. We looked for ways to reorganize the kitchen so the flow of service was simpler, and provided ways to highlight to process to the customer.


Overall, the finished product very successfully refreshed space that maintained the biking nostalgia, while speaking to the future of the brand. All of the new furniture and fixtures have given RGPs a real dining experience and a better environment for patrons to enjoy a unique food experience that is a Durango institution.

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