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Shades Brewing Co

Brand and Package Concept

We were approached by Shades of Pale Brewing to help them transition their brand towards a new vision, simply as Shades Brewing. When we began discussions with Shades of Pale, their brand was disjointed without a clear message or creative direction.

Through several conversations and creative association exercises about the Shades brand, we began to develop a defined message– one about hard work and creativity–as expressed through their unique beers.

With a major shift occurring, it was important to us to understand the brand and what it stood for before creating a visual identity for it.

When it came to design, we focused heavily on the bottle and 6-pack designs given one the primary goals of the rebrand was to raise consumer awareness and increase sales in a continually growing Utah beer market. We looked for ways to differentiate the brand, without alienating it.

A Branded House

With an ever growing emphasis on color in the beer brand marketplace, Shades wanted to steer more towards a bright white scheme with pops of color. We also advised the design place a larger hierarchy on the type of beer, instead of the internal beer name as the original beer packaging did. Most people try a new beer based on types of beer they enjoy, and not a beer’s brand name.

Bold Bottles

To help the Shades bottles pop off the stores shelves, we developed a standardized custom die that cut the logo out of the top of the standard rectalinear label. We also spec’ed a white cap to match the new clean label look across all of the beers.


As the market for local breweries grows in Utah, and specifically Salt Lake City, more brands are leaning on swag and brand collateral to help spread the word of their brewery. We explored how this might translate into non-beverage specific items.

Maybe next time!

Ultimately, Shades Brewing decided to go in a different direction with another design team. We are still excited by the brand and packaging that we developed for the news Shades Brewing and wish it would have made it to Utah shelves.

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