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SLC Co. Bread

Baking a Better Brand

While many people began baking more bread in 2020, very few proved to be very good at it. Thats where the Hardy brothers differ from others. While their bread baking may have started as a hobby, it quickly evolved into a much larger production than expected, leading them to launch the SLC Co Bread brand.

Long Weekend was lucky enough to get to help them develop the brand and explore ways to merge the artisanal nature of their project with the building elements they call their home, the newly renovated Salt Lake Costume building in Salt Lake City. And with strong brand elements in place, we also looked at ways the brand might take shape on signage, packaging, and menu placements.

Old Iconography Made New

For those who have driven down 1300 E in Salt Lake City, the old Salt Lake Costume sign may seem like a constant friend. While it sat in disrepair for many years, the Hardy family’s renovation of the building gave it new life. That sign was the starting point for the SLC Co Bread brand, which is how the horse, shield, and large banner all started to emerge as potential elements for the bread project turned bakery.

    An Instant Classic

    As the brand continued to evolve through the process, a Bavarian inspired color palette and shield began to take root as our core elements. It both harkened back to the Costume building sign and began to speak to the artisanal methods they were employing in their bread baking. The Hardy brothers were specifically choosing to bake traditional types of bread in more traditional ways than others in the Salt Lake area, and the brand wanted to be an expression of this choice.

    Grab a Loaf

    Ultimately, the SLC Co Bread Bakery will be opening their doors in the Salt Lake Costume building. It will provide a nice stop for the local neighborhood, looking to grab a quick cup of coffee and a toast in the mornings, or maybe a baguette for dinner as they make their way home. We can’t wait to see a sign on the side walk and the smell of freshly baked bread very soon.

    Let’s Break Bread

    As with all of our projects, we like to celebrate at the end when things have made their way into the world. And while we often grab a beer or a bite to eat, in this instance it only made since to truly break bread together. A hearty sourdough loaf with some butter and jelly should suffice. We know that you’ll enjoy their bread as much as we do once they open their doors.

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