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Uinta Brewing

Clear Daze Packaging

Uinta turned too Long Weekend when they were looking to create the packaging for their latest release – a haze free juicy IPA, Clear Daze. Uinta’s response to the “haze craze” at the time.

With the strong name and a delicious beer that had all the flavor profiles of a “juice bomb” hazy ipa, but without the turbidity (fancy brewer’s term for amount of floating “stuff”) of other New England Style IPAs, we set to work creating visual concepts for this idea.

The Design Process

We created a few mood boards around the name clear daze and what that might be visualized as. One concept was the idea of being above the clouds, from either the perspective of a skydiver or hang-glider (sticking to Uinta’s adventurous roots). Another was a pure landscape play, calling imagery of cloudy sunsets over mountain lakes, and evoking the tropical fruity flavors through pure use of color.

Unique Challenges

We ultimately ended up deciding on the concept of the Great Salt Lake at sunset, just after a storm has passed. If you haven’t seen photos of this magical place and time, we encourage you to open a new tab now. With this direction decided, it came down to perfecting the illustration and deciding color. We worked with Anderson Design Group out of Nashville to create the base illustration and from there it was a matter of perfecting and applying it to all the pack types!


    Clear Daze IPA has been a hit since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s always a pleasure working with breweries and brands that aren’t afraid of mouth watering color. Grab yourself a six pack of this stuff next time you see it, you won’t be disappointed!

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