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Uinta Brewing

Hop Nosh IPA Rebrand

Uinta brewing reached out to Long Weekend to help rethink and reimagine the future of one of their most iconic and established brands: Hop Nosh.

With a hazy version of the fan favorite IPA being added to the “Nosh Family” we capitalized on the opportunity to rethink and refresh a huge player in the Uinta brand family that has always struggled with an finding an identity. With multiple iterations of the brand in the past, we determined a fresh start was in order.

The Design Process

Moving away from the traditional illustration style that Uinta uses for the rest of the label designs, we sketched multiple variations of what the new “Nosh” could look like. While the thick-lined landscape illustrations where removed, we maintained the strong vintage vibe Uinta’s packaging is known for through use of bold stacked typography to create an iconic badge effect.


Hazy Nosh and the rest of the Nosh family has been immensely popular since its release. If you haven’t tried any of these beers yet, we can’t recommend them enough.

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