Salt Lake City, UT


CBD Brand


Brand Strategy, Identity Development, Package Development, Art Direction

Utah Cannabis Co

An All-Natural CBD Brand

While Utah Cannabis had several CBD products they were excited about, they weren’t exactly sure what their brand should be. They did know they wanted it to stand out amongst the many other CBD brands, and specifically wanted it to speak to the adventurous, active, culture that is so prevalent in Utah.

We helped UTC figure out exactly what it meant for a CBD brand, commonly associated with calming qualities, to speak to an active culture often known for its adrenaline seeking personality.

In the end, we latched on to a color palette that helped tie the brand to Utah, and elements that felt more like an outdoors brand than a CBD brand.


The orange, tan, and teal color palette was pulled from desert landscapes that people often associate with Utah. We also encouraged the use of monograms throughout their collection, as even the founders abbreviated the brand as “UTC” in conversation. The hemp leaf icon was extrapolated and simplified to match the outdoor driven brand concept.


When UTC launched, they had 3 core products, which we wanted their products to feel like a family. The packaging system uses the core brand colors, with the ability to deviate as new products are introduced. Even with a larger lineup, the core products create a foundation for the brand to come back to over time.


Sometimes, a simple but well thought out brand can make the difference in an industry where options are continuously becoming more numerous. Utah Cannabis Co has seen amazing growth as they have launched their products throughout Utah and the mountain west region. They have started direct sales online, in addition to, an extensive wholesale network. We like to think our branding, however small, has helped their exciting rise in the Utah CBD industry.

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