Why WordPress is Our Go To CMS

by Barton Strawn, Managing Partner

At this very moment, there are dozens of CMS platforms to choose from. And each platform has just as many articles telling you why it is the best one. Quite honestly, they all have things they do better (and worse), so to say one is the best seems unrealistic. That said, Long Weekend has chosen to focus on WordPress as our CMS and website foundation. Almost all of our web builds are done using WordPress. Here are the top 5 reasons we choose to build with WordPress over other CMS builders.

  1. It’s free. We like to cut down on recurring costs for our clients as much as possible. WordPress and Woocommerce are free to use, and while there may be paid plugins a client decides to use, at least we know that the recurring cost of the core platform is $0. But how does this compare to the other DIY builders?
PlatformPlanMonthly Cost
WordPressSelf-Hosted$5 – $10
SquarespaceBasic Commerce$30
WixBusiness Unlimited$27
WebflowBasic Ecommerce$42

Most of the above platforms do include hosting in their plans. For a fair comparison, it’s important to note that WordPress is self-hosted, which means you (or Long Weekend) will need to host your site on a server. You can get a hosting plan for as little as $4/month for a simple blog or informational site. Or you can sign up with Long Weekend for a hosting and maintenance plan.

  1. WordPress gives you the flexibility to build almost any type of website, including robust E-Commerce platforms. We are commonly building complex e-commerce sites, and WordPress, with Woocommerce, gives us a large amount of flexibility to create exactly what the client wants. On top of this, WordPress can be the foundation for blogs, business sites, portfolios (like our website), membership sites, Wikis, and so much more. And much of this flexibility comes from the vast number of plugins that are available for WordPress. As a client, this often means we can start with several large pieces of the puzzle before we even start designing. This cuts down on time and investment for building your site, meaning your budget can go much further.
  1. WordPress makes it easy to manage and post on your blog. WordPress was originally launched as a blogging tool, so it makes sense that their blogging platform is still second to none. As a brand owner, this means it’s easy for you to launch new content on your site regularly, without having to go through anyone else. This also means you can create a strong content strategy for SEO building and manage this from within your dashboard. 
  1. WordPress allows the site owner to take control of content and page additions after launch. Very rarely do we build a site and then maintain it in full. Clients always need some amount of access to a site to write blogs, create new web pages, launch new products, and a multitude of other things. WordPress is the perfect platform for creating restrictions around certain web elements, while allowing you as the site owner to create and build as you need to. Some platforms, like Shopify, can be limiting when it comes to your sites appearance or functionality. Other CMS tools, like Webflow, can be too complex for a site owner to make any changes on their own. In our opinion, WordPress is the best of both worlds. 
  1. WordPress is well maintained. The majority of the noted CMS tools above are well maintained. WordPress, however, was launched in 2003 and has been an open source platform since the beginning. With the help of Automattic, the company that manages WordPress, they are constantly updating the CMS and pushing new security updates to make sure sites continue to perform in the modern digital landscape.

Are you in the process of launching your own website or looking for a little help to make the most of your digital presence? Reach out to Long Weekend and lets talk about how a WordPress web build may be the right choice for you.